At night, she received the anointing of the sick. Mother General, Cherubina Camerata was at her bedside and prayed, but remained silent, overcome by emotion. Mother Elena, gathering all her strength reminds her: “Mother General, seems to me you are very distressed. In your position, you must know how to hide tears. In the community, everyone has her own worries and the superior, like the mother in a family, must understand the trials of all and hide one’s own. The greatest gift she can give her daughters is that of peace and serenity. Her smile will be like a wave of light in their souls; our goodness must remind them that of the Lord; only in this way we will open their hearts to the good and we will raise them towards the heavens … there is so much need for goodness on earth … so much … till we can”.

The dawn of 21 December 1894, she senses that the steps of the Bridegroom are approaching, as her heart overwhelms with happiness, she reopens her eyes for a moment and seeks the Crucifix, but the Risen Lord is before her, the Love of her life, the radiant Light.