Provincial Meeting of Catechists 2023

Christ knocks at your door, a mission experience, a true spiritual experience, always different, always unique and original.

The provincial meeting of catechists was in Mérida in the 21st century, after 4 years, it was the turn of our state of Yucatán, to live the experience of synodality with joy in the heart. Working in the catechism group, I also had the opportunity to participate in the meeting for the first time, they were days of many experiences. Several states of the Diocese were present (Quintan Roo, Campeche, Tabasco and Yucatan). Just over a thousand catechists attended this meeting.

The motto that was chosen for the XXI Provincial Meeting of Catechists 2023 was: “Catechists in Jesus, we listen, we welcome, we promote everyone” with which we want to express our identification with the One who called us, fulfilling the mandate of power to reach everyone. It was an honor for me to have the opportunity to participate in this meeting, I’m sure it was a gift for each of the catechists in our parish and province. Listening, welcoming and promoting all catechists in Jesus are words that echo Pope Francis’ message, to motivate them to reflect and seek the good of the Churches and the Diocese, as well as the importance of walking together and responding generously to the call of Lord, to learn more from his word, especially to bear witness to this wonderful gift received by divine grace.

The meeting began with the enthronement of the Word of God, with the (procession of Sacred Scripture). Then it continued with other moments, continuing with the setting, the holy hour, the different themes, and each day ended with the Holy Mass. Some topics were very interesting, and the one that caught my attention was “Educating to listen like Jesus” by contemplating Jesus, they discover the Christian style of listening in the face of the cries and clamors of today’s world, and are encouraged to live in their evangelizing service to bear witness to the close presence of Jesus in these realities. Another theme that also made me reflect is “Form for listening and announcing to those who are far away” to recognize the call that Jesus makes to them to be willing to listen to everyone, and reflect on the existential and ideological peripheries that today’s world proposes in in order to be able to welcome those who are further away, highlighting the dignity of the person in the perspective of the Gospel. So there were different topics in these 3 days, the topics were presented by the different bishops of the Diocese, in a simple and understandable way. On the last day there was a parade of the delegations with their regional costume, dancing and the delivery of the mail. They were days of great wealth of learning. The meeting concluded with Holy Mass preceded by the Archbishop of the Province of Yucatan, Monsignor Rodríguez Vega, accompanied by the Bishops of the Dioceses of Tabasco, Campeche, Quintana Roo and by the Auxiliary Bishop of Yucatan. In conclusion I can say that these courses help me to continue learning new things, to do a better service in the apostolate. Lastly, I wish to encourage all those who feel called to this mission of evangelization not to let themselves be overwhelmed by obstacles, since God always gives us his grace. I thank the Lord and my delegation for these opportunities that he grants me on the journey of life.

Via Matteo Bartoli, 255 – Rome – Italy