Charism And Spirituality


Our Charism is born from the evangelical page of Providence, it is defined as the priority search for the Kingdom of God, in trusting, and filial abandonment to the loving providence of the Father “who nourishes the birds of the sky and wonderfully clothes the flowers of the field” (Cf. Matt 6:26-34)


Our spirituality is rooted in trusting, filial relationship with Divine Providence with and like Christ, who abandoned himself to the Father, who is present in the Eucharist and in the Word. It is embedded in the mystery of death and resurrection, in Mary, Mother of Divine Providence and in fraternal communion.

The Spiritual Characteristics Of The Daughters Of Divine Providence

  • Trusting abandonment into the hands of the Father, giving witness to His provident love for every creature.
  • Filial love for Mary, Mother of Divine Providence, the Mother who holds us by the hand and guides us on the paths of Providence.
  • Daily living by opening our hearts to the surprises of God, free from anxiety about tomorrow because the life of every creature is in the hands of Almighty God, who is Father, is Love, is Providence.
  • Experiencing in all circumstances, the surprise of knowing that we are “daughters” , beloved and forgiven in order to witness to the world the beauty and gift divine daughterhood.
  • A peaceful family spirit, simplicity and gentleness in the daily community relationships, “bearing one another’s burden”.
  • Loving as far as the humility of the Cross of Jesus Christ.
  • Belonging to the Church in the filial, attentive obedience to the Holy Father on the example of our Mother Foundress.
  • Welcoming the gifts of God each day, with the simplicity of the little ones, in order to share them with unconditional love.
Sisters of Our Memory

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