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Sr. M. Adele Flagello was born May 28, 1914 and died July 19, 1944 in Rome. Her short life left a profound trace for her love for the Rules and for her exemplary dedication in assisting the infant children that the Institute welcomed even before completing two years old. She was always vigilant and available, day and night with a mother’s heart and gave herself to this delicate mission, well aware that there were children coming from families in difficulty and were particularly dear to the heart of God who favors the little ones. Though she was fragile in constitution, she serenely supported every sacrifice, happy to do the will of God, expressed by obedience.

After a delicate surgery, she survived just a week, fortifying all with her serene acceptance of pain and death. She knew the day and hour of her death, while the Sisters hoped and prayed for her healing and surrounded her bed of sickness with every care day and night, she strengthened all by her trusting abandonment to the will of God with the love of a daughter.

When she was told to pray to the Mother Foundress to get healing, she replied, letting them know that she had an encounter with Mother Elena, and she was happy to follow her to Heaven. She asked Sr. M. Egidia: “Do my part with the General Mother, tell her that I ask her forgiveness for all the sorrows I may have given her, tell her that I will pray a lot for her, for the whole Institute and for the sanctification of each Sister”.

The Mother General specifies in her circular letter: “Here I must say in conscience, that the dear sister has never given me any displeasure, indeed she has strengthened me with her irreproachable conduct both in the fulfillment of her duty and in regular observance, maximum in the spirit of sacrifice. If she felt the need to ask for forgiveness before dying, it was because of the great humility that was her dominant characteristic”.

After a short pause, Sr. M. Egidia asked her: Why don’t you take me with you? She replied: “No, you must still do so much good and I recommend to you my little ones”.

The sickness quickly grew worse and she had the joy of making her Profession of Perpetual of Vows. She often asked what time it was, a Sister answered her, asking her if she should leave, and she answered: At noon, I place myself in agony with Jesus Crucified. In those last hours, she had the grace to see the Blessed Mother several times and Saint Joseph with the Child Jesus smiling at her.

Sr. M. Adele responded with a radiant smile, always looking to one side of the room. She was asked: Why are you smiling? Do you see the Mother Foundress? No, she replied. And who do you see? Our Lady! And is she alone? There is also St. Joseph and the Child Jesus. And what do they tell you? Sr. M. Adele added: “Nothing, they always smile at me”. At noon, she started in agony that lasted until 4.00 PM when, like a child who fell asleep, she took her last breath.
(From the Manuscripts of Sister Maria Nicolina Scarlatti)

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