Youth Testimony

“There is more joy in giving than in receiving”

I am Sr. M. Selvi Ravi Samson, I come from southern India. My parents instilled in me faith and taught me the values ​​of life. Being the eldest of the two brothers, I was ready for any sacrifice so that they could be happy. I was happy to withdraw from anything to give them more opportunities. This kind of relationship with my brothers has taught me to find happiness in the happiness of the others.

I had the opportunity to participate daily in Holy Mass and pastoral activities. My family lives near the Institute of the “Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate” who runs a home for the senior citizens, especially those who are abandoned by their families. From the childhood, I greatly appreciated the spirit of sacrifice and trust that the community inspires in the vulnerable people. I was very attracted to the service of these sisters to the elderly in difficulty. Their dedication and caring approach to others have been a great example and inspiration for me. I could experience what it means to find joy in giving one’s life to the service of others for the love of Christ. From this experience begun my vocation to the religious life, in order to serve the Lord through others. I like to remember the words of Jesus: “Freely you have received, freely give”.

However, I did not have a specific choice. I have always tried to keep this prayer in my heart: “Lord, I would like to be your instrument; you choose where you want me to be and what you want me to do, because you know me deeply and know what my attitudes are, give me the courage and strength to accept and put into practice what you want”. The desire to follow the Lord was increasing in my heart. When I was 15 years old,   I expressed my desire to enter in the convent to the superior of the community. It was, she who encouraged and involved me in church events from childhood. She was waiting for me to finish my studies, but Divine Providence had a different religious Institute in store for me and I found myself pronouncing my “Here I am” without hesitation in the Institute of the “Daughters of Divine Providence” that I did not know.

My decision made my parents very happy even though my father was sorry to see me leave. He only said to me: “If you are convinced that you will find happiness in your choice, then I too am happy for you.” And within two months I entered the Institute accompanied by my parents in the month June 2005.

My formation was a precious time of intimacy with the Lord, with His help and my sisters I was able to cultivate in myself the affection and devotion to my Founders: Father Tommaso Manini and Mother Elena Bettini, and in serving the Lord, in the light of this Charism. In a particular way, I have become very fond of the maternal love of the Foundress who assures me: “In me you will always find a Mother”! A positive energy supports my journey as a Daughter of Divine Providence.

This my journey has not always been easy, I have found difficulties in various fields of my daily life, but in all those moments, I have experienced the divine grace that accompanied me holding my hand. With gratitude, I hold in my heart the people who have played an important role in my life, modeling me, supporting me, guiding me and teaching me with a lot of patience and love.

My first mission was in the “Tommaso Manini” community in Poland, where I still carry out my apostolate in the field of educative service. I am happy to be here and fulfill the service which is  entrusted. With deep awareness, “There is more joy in giving than in receiving” (Acts 20, 25)


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