Youth Testimony


I am Sr. M. Consuelo Pérez May, with a heart full of gratitude; I share the stages of my vocational discernment.

In Oxkutzcab, my Parish, not too far from the village where I lived, arrived the Daughters of Divine Providence; the surprise that attracted me was the joy they radiated, despite the difficulties of the language and the hardships they experienced every day: they were happy to serve the Lord wherever they were.

The question challenged me insistently: if these young Sisters left their family and homeland to come so far away, with so many problems, why not I? That question was disturbing me over the years until the day I decided to take the step to enter this Congregation as the response of that question.

The first experience, which left an indelible mark on my life, was the atmosphere of fraternal life, the moments of prayer well prepared and lived with fidelity and the beauty of different cultures radiated in the recreation time. This wonderful experience made to grow my dream of living with them because only the love of Jesus can unite hearts and to decide the next step in which I asked to enter the novitiate.

In order to begin the novitiate, I had to go to Chile leaving my homeland, at the beginning I faced some difficulties to accustom myself with different Sisters and culture; though I was welcomed with so much love, all the Sisters were close to me, making me feel at home.

Now I understand better that these are the signs that always accompany a journey of faith and the reward is not too far. In those two years of my formation, little by little, intensified my desire to become a Daughter of Divine Providence by overcoming the difficulties of a demanding journey of Faith.

A subsequent time of growth in my vocational journey took place in Rome where study and language were not easy, but the help I received at all stages, have matured in me for the final choice to offer myself to the Lord forever in the religious family of the Daughters of Divine Providence.

After completing my studies, obedience brought me back to my beloved land of Yucatan, and with all the enthusiasm of my youth I incorporated myself in the community. I dedicated myself to the vocation promotion and I had the opportunity to be in contact with young people and children. When the time was approaching to take my final Profession, I could see all those faces as in a movie and touching me deeply to decide to dedicate my life to them.

September 8th, the long-awaited day, the feast of the Nativity of Mother Mary and of my religious family, I experienced a joy I had never known. At present, I feel that my vocation is consolidating with a great blessing because the Lord calls me every day for a concrete and generous answer. The Lord granted to me an opportunity to attend summer school for formation. This study enriches me as a person, as a woman, as a consecrated person and is beautifully shared every day, with the grace of a wonderful charism, the love I received in abundance.

Via Matteo Bartoli, 255 - Rome - Italy