Youth Testimony


I am a Daughter of Divine Providence. From the moment of my birth, my mother had prayed with great faith to our Lady of Divine Providence to allow us to have our own house. Finally, the dream came true, with so many sacrifices, my father managed to build it and I am the first daughter to be born in that new home.

I am the seventh of 12 brothers, we are part of a humble, united, happy family, where daily bread was never lacking. Our father supported us, working as a municipal employee and inventing extra jobs to meet all our needs in a great family that allowed itself to express the joy of living with songs. Moments of silence were rare in our house and slowly, with small hand-crafted musical instruments, we created a real band that friends called: “The Lopez Band”.

My mother was a woman of faith who always prayed and despite having a limited education, was a wise woman. At the age of 7, I confided to her that I wanted to be a religious, she replied thus: “Ask the Lord to increase your vocation”.

This phrase inspired by the Lord has become my constant prayer and the first fruit matured at the age of 18. With courage and determination, I arrived at the “Elena Bettini” school to ask the Daughters of Divine Providence to welcome me into their religious family, but unfortunately, I did not have the permission of my father who opposed my decision.

Providence met me once again, opening my way to enter the convent without difficulty. On April 15, 1968, when I left home without fear, trusting only in Divine Providence, eager to serve the Lord, I had left a letter for my parents, entrusting it to a catechist who would hand it over to them as soon as I entered the convent. I know it will seem like a decision from another era, but I felt that the Holy `Spirit would shed light even in their hearts and I had the strength to wait for the full consent of my parents.

Now, after so many years, I can testify that Divine Providence has never abandoned me, even in the most difficult moments. It is true that every day arises before dawn for each of us and it is beautiful to believe in His presence, in His clear and transparent manifestation in every action, in every Sister who is next to me, in any person I meet during the day. I am happy to belong to the Congregation of the Daughters of Divine Providence, which welcomed me, educated me and offered me all the means to live our daily mission in communion and joy.

Sr. M. Teresa Lopez

Via Matteo Bartoli, 255 - Rome - Italy